Patchouli Natural Essential Oil 10 mL, 30 mL, 100 mL Bottle

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Patchouli essential oil has a deep amber color, thick liquid, a musky earthy odor, lasting fragrance. When comparing the pungent smell the smell disappeared before, become more sweet, but with more time becomes more and more sweet. It brings you a sense of balance, can be used in daily life of anti-inflammatory, sterilization, insect repellent effect.

  • 3 sizes: - 10 mL (0.33 fl. oz.), 30 mL (1.01 fl. oz.), 100 mL (3.38 fl. oz.)
  • Add a few drops to oil warmer, mist diffuser, or to freshen potpourri
  • Do not use directly on skin but instead add a few drops to carrier oil, like grapeseed oil, before using
  • Patchouli helps freshen and cleanse air, its scent helps brighten mood and sense of balance, can help bring sense of calm and well being