100% Natural Outdoor Mosquito Sticks

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Enjoy nature, bug free! This is a 100% natural mosquito repellent incense made using only natural essential oils and wood powders. Effectively repelling mosquitos, gnats, no-seeums, flies, and other flying insects.

No Deet, no poisons, no chemicals!

100% plant based and 100% biodegradable.

1.5 hours burn time, wind may effect burning time.

90 grams box containing 10 sticks.

Product of India.

Ships from: Las Vegas, NV United States


Active Ingredients: 11%: 3% Mint Oil, 2% Cedarwood Oil, 29% Cinnamon, 2% Citronella, 2% Lemongrass Oil

Inert Ingredients: 89%: Wood Powder & Bamboo