Aromatherapy diffusers are a great way to fragrance your environment.  Mist diffusers also add needed moisture when the air is dry.  Enjoy & Relax!

Diffusers are basically two types, either:

  1. Mist Diffusers  - These diffusers gently fill the air with moisture.  You simply add water and, if you prefer, your favorite essential oil for fragrance.  A natural and pleasant way to create a healthier environment and to fragrance the air.  Great for arid environments or in dry winter air.
  2. Heat Diffusers - These diffusers are popularly known as Oil Warmers.  You put a few drops of essential oil along with some carrier oil (or already prepared aromatherapy oil) into the warmer's pan and light a tealight candle beneath it (some are electric and do not need a candle).  As the oil heats, the fragrance permeates the air.  Great for natural air freshener in high-humidity areas.